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Guidelines for Success

All staff and students at Highlands Elementary School will work together to maintain a learning environment which helps everyone reach their fullest potential. Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect. Any behavior or action that helps someone grow and mature will be encouraged. To maintain a learning environment, staff will keep students focused on our school Guidelines for Success:

Be Respectful

Everyone must know that Highlands Elementary is a safe and supportive place to be. Students will show respect for themselves, others, and school property. This means showing concern for others and taking care of school and personal property.

Be Responsible

All through your life you must decide how you will act. Therefore, we expect you to make acceptable choices whether anyone is watching you or not. This is called “being responsible.” It isn’t always easy to make responsible choices, especially if someone else is not being responsible. It is important for you to remember that you are in charge of yourself. We know you can make good choices!

Be Safe

It is important for everyone at Highlands to be safe. Any behavior that could hurt someone else will not be allowed. As you work, move, and play at school think about how your actions will keep yourself and others safe.

Be Kind

Kindness includes being polite, treating people with respect, accepting differences between people, and encouraging others to do their best.


Throughout the year, we will emphasize our school motto:

I am a Highlands Husky.

I RESPECT myself and others.

I am RESPONSIBLE for my words and actions.

I am SAFE at all times.

I work hard, I think big, and I am KIND.

I am a Highlands Husky.


These efforts will make Highlands Elementary School a warm and exciting place where learning occurs each day.