Early Arrival

There is NO supervision on the playground before or after school. Students should not arrive before 8:20 AM Monday – Thursday and not before 9:50 AM on Fridays, unless eating breakfast at school, on patrol or for a special staff request. 

Late Arrival/Tardiness

School Hours:  

Mon.-Thurs 8:35 AM – 3:10 PM Fridays- 10:05 AM – 3:10 PM   

Students arriving between 8:40 AM and 10:10 AM on Monday through Thursday will be considered tardy. Students arriving after 10:00 AM on Monday through Thursday will receive a morning absence. Students arriving between 10:05 and 11:30 AM on Fridays will be considered tardy. Those arriving after 11:30 AM on Fridays will be considered a morning absence. 

Please plan ahead so your child arrives at school on time. Students arriving later than school start times must report to the office to receive an admit slip. The student needs to bring a note of explanation for the tardy. This assures us that you are aware of the late arrival.  

Parking Lot Safety

General Safety Information for Arrival and Dismissal

Our ongoing goal is to maintain our warm Husky welcome while also ensuring safety, security, supervision, and a smooth operation of the school day.


If you are visiting the school, always check into the main office first. If you need to go anywhere in the school for any reason, please sign in and wear your volunteer badge or a visitor sticker badge. This includes dropping off items for your student, attending classroom events, and so forth.


In the morning, please allow your students to enter the school by themselves at the front door.  If you prefer to walk with them, you may escort them around the building to the playground following the same route that bus riders take. Of course, if you have school business to take care of, you are welcome to visit the office, too.


At the end of the day, please wait for your students outside of the school rather than inside the lobby. We recommend you identify a spot with your students where you will wait for them so that they know where to find you. As with the morning, you are welcome to visit the office after school if needed.

When picking students up in a vehicle, please be aware that it can be quite congested. We ask that you pull as far forward as you can to keep the line flowing.  Please advise your child to enter your vehicle from the curb and use the crosswalk if needed.

Bus Riders


Bus service is available to students living one mile or more from school. The transportation department provides a publication on rules and regulations regarding student behavior and conduct. They also present an emergency safety drill rehearsal for all students. Upon receiving the rules, you are encouraged to review the guidelines and procedures with your child. Please call 425-204-4455 with questions.


Families and visitors should not park in the bus loading zone on the east side of the school. Upon arrival, students unload in the bus loading zone. Upon dismissal, bus students report to the bus loading zone at the side of the building and line up in the designated lanes.


If students need to ride a bus they usually do not ride, or if they are to get off at a different bus stop, a note of explanation signed by a parent must be brought to the office. The office will then issue a bus pass.


Students in grades 4 and 5 are allowed to ride bicycles to school. Students must complete a bicycle contract and have parent permission in order to ride. Helmets are mandatory.

Safety Guidelines for Walking to School

Be sure to go over the following guidelines with your child.

  • Go directly to and from school.
  • Cross at crosswalks with the safety patrol.
  • Walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.
  • Do not accept rides, candy, or anything from strangers.
  • Do not provide directions to a stranger.
  • If your child is bothered on the way to or from school, tell him/her to notify the office immediately.
  • Make sure the way to school is the safest way.
  • Look both ways, up and down the street and around the corner, and listen for cars before crossing.
  • Cross only at corners or in a crosswalk.
  • Never walk between cars parked on the street.
  • Students line up for their bus at the designated stop and wait their turn to board.